My tools of the trade for python programming.
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Wirawan Purwanto 4f82c80af9 * Documentation & test update. 10 years ago
TESTS * Added tester for wpylib.iofmt submodules and objects: first test is for 10 years ago
db * Documentation & test update. 10 years ago
file * Module wpylib.file.tmpdir: defines a script-wide temporary directory. 10 years ago
iofmt * Fortran binary file: Added bulk_read_array1 method for quick reading of 10 years ago
math * Added class wpylib.math.stats.avg.weight_stats for weighted statistical 10 years ago
net * Added os.path-like methods: isdir, isfile, islink. 12 years ago
params * For auto param _create_() function: added _skipframes_ option, if needed. 10 years ago
py * Added function_name to obtain the name given to a function. 10 years ago
.cvsignore * Don't save python compiled modules. 15 years ago * Introducing "wpylib" which is the collection of my small python utilities. 15 years ago * Added array_hstack function. 10 years ago * utime_to_iso(): Let the local current time be the default input data. 11 years ago * New module wpylib.debugging: Debugging tools. 13 years ago * Template for dirty scripts/experiments. 14 years ago * Generic generator module. 14 years ago * text_tools: module to contain simple text utilities. 15 years ago * Added make_unbound_method to allow general function to participate 13 years ago * Added wpylib.interactive_tools.printstr class to facilitate logging of 12 years ago
ipython-interactive-script.PY * ipython-interactive-script.PY: skeleton for my ipython interactive script. 13 years ago * Minor documentation edit. 14 years ago * Added class logged_runner for logging external programs called from 10 years ago * Added: dict_update_nested() for nested dict member copy-update into 10 years ago * Added simple text table reader. 10 years ago * Added block_timer class for use in python 2.5+ "with ..." construct. 10 years ago * Correcting recursive updates. 14 years ago * Using external login node on jaguar. 13 years ago * Correcting recursive updates. 14 years ago