* Added class logged_runner for logging external programs called from

a python script.
Wirawan Purwanto 10 years ago
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commit 22d5b6f888
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@ -218,6 +218,32 @@ else:
return p
class logged_runner(object):
"""Wrapper for wpylib.shell_tools.run() function.
Includes a customizable logging of the external command invocation."""
# Imported 20140802 from my check-git-vs-cvs.py tool. Original class name: Runner.
log_prefix = "run: "
def __init__(self, log=None):
if log == None:
from wpylib.iofmt.text_output import text_output
log = text_output(sys.stdout)
self.log = log
def log_run(self, prg, args):
"""Logs the run command."""
self.log("%s%s%s\n" % (self.log_prefix, prg, "".join([ " %s" % a for a in args ])))
def __call__(self, prg, args):
self.log_run(prg, args)
return sh.run(prg, args)
def nofail(self, prg, args):
"""Like wpylib.shell_tools.run(), but does not raise exception."""
self.log_run(prg, args)
retcode = subprocess.call((prg,) + tuple(args))
if retcode != 0:
self.log("%sretcode=%d\n" % (self.log_prefix, retcode))
return retcode
# coreutils
coreutils = """