Custom HPC software & tools from Wirawan. Primarily tailored toward ODU HPC sytems.
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Wirawan Purwanto d384d0320d * Added explicitly headless option (--headless). 4 years ago
sge * Archived: SGE version of pwscf-5.3 script. 7 years ago
jupyter-anaconda2 * jupyter-anaconda2: A script that will start Jupyter notebook process 6 years ago
launch_jupyter * Added explicitly headless option (--headless). 4 years ago
pwscf-5.3 * pwscf: Ad-hoc fix for Turing after 2016 upgrade. 8 years ago
runsas * Added "regular" runsas which runs with more limited memory. 8 years ago
runsas-himem * Added runsas-himem from earlier consultation this year. 8 years ago