Custom HPC software & tools from Wirawan. Primarily tailored toward ODU HPC sytems.
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Wirawan Purwanto 3aa1688f8e * Added basic README. 3 weeks ago
containers * Containers: Added simplistic tool to dump info about Python 3 weeks ago
doc * Initial form of documentation. 7 years ago
lmod/ipython/startup * Saved a sample revised ipython module loader, to be used with 1 year ago
sge * ARCHIVE: Imported some tools from my stats work back in 2016. 2 years ago
slurm * Simple tool to report status of compute 3 years ago
storage * Created initial tool to scan user dirs for the size of their trash folders. 6 months ago
turing * (WIP) Minor improvement + documentation. 6 months ago
wahab * Added lmod module for OPENIB-based nwchem installation on Wahab. 2 years ago * Added basic README. 3 weeks ago

Wirawan's Tools Suite for ODU HPC System


This repo contains simple and niche utilities intended to help the productivity of HPC staff members and power users alike.

Warning & Disclaimer

The tools in this repository are unofficial, experimental in nature; they are provided "as is" with not much support committed. Some tools can be outdated.

Please contact ITS Research Computing Services and direct the questions to the tool author listed above. We will try our best to help our power users use the appropriate tools.