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# $Id:,v 1.1 2011-10-06 19:15:05 wirawan Exp $
# module
# Created: 20110608
# Wirawan Purwanto
# Wrapper base class.
# Used for automatic wrapping of (especially) methods to
# dispatch it to a host of object possibilities.
class wrapper_base(object):
"""Wrapper or proxy object to provide uniform API to other routines,
This class allows dirty tricks such as injecting external functions
to accomplish certain required tasks in object-oriented manner.
If using external procedure, it must be callable with "self" as
its first argument.
Reserved attributes:
* _obj_ = the wrapped object
* _procnames_[:] = method names to wrap automatically.
* _obj_path_[:] = list of objects (instances) from which to look
for the methods.
* _set_obj_path_() = object method to define what objects to be
included in the object path (_obj_path_).
def __init__(self, obj):
"""Creates a wrapper."""
self._obj_ = obj
if hasattr(self, '_set_obj_path_'):
self._obj_path_ = [ obj ]
def _autoset_proc_(self, procname, extproc=None):
from import make_unbound_method
from import im_ref
from weakref import ref
procname_ = procname + '_'
procname_proc = procname + '_proc'
if hasattr(self, procname_proc):
# In case the derived-class has the procedure, we will use
# that.
setattr(self, procname, im_ref(getattr(self, procname_proc)))
for o in self._obj_path_:
if hasattr(o, procname):
setattr(self, procname, im_ref(getattr(o, procname)))
# May implement a global fallback hook here?