8 Commits (c0f67e9992aa8767d9ad3a7fcb11d4dc7bce3873)

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wirawan 2303ad8d0b * pipe_in (subprocess version): added "flush" method. 14 years ago
wirawan a6582aa8f2 * pipe_in() for "piping in" input to an external command. 14 years ago
wirawan 9e7eeca3a2 * import_commands now will *NOT* override built-in python names (like dir, 15 years ago
wirawan 599401a543 * Include *all* coreutils as the repertoire of the shell_tool commands. 15 years ago
wirawan 3a22bb1e99 * Added backward compatibility/support for python 2.3 or older. 15 years ago
wirawan d27c00e979 * Added pipe_out to pass the output of a spawn command to python. 15 years ago
wirawan b8c378cc14 * Facilitate invocation of some GNU coreutil programs in my python scripts. 15 years ago
wirawan 3609a5b95b * Module wpylib.shell_tools will contain common utilities similar to those 15 years ago