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Wirawan Purwanto 6f91f61db4 * Syntax correction. 9 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto 67f6e7bede * Module wpylib.py.introspection: Tools for aiding introspection in python. 9 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto bec94cb8c0 * Documentation update. 9 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto 7568f5874e * Added a tool to create bound instance method with weak ref to the instance. 9 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto 4fbf85d503 * Added function_name to obtain the name given to a function. 11 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto b58ea30ba8 * Added a facility to catch exception while capturing stdout, and deliver 12 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto f677dc1a81 * Added wpylib.py.stdout_capture as a hack tool to capture sys.stdout 12 years ago
wirawan 7017fdc6af * Committing all dirty work to CVS. We are migrating to GIT. 13 years ago
wirawan 1181a7e516 * Add descriptive error message. 13 years ago
wirawan cf46af2bc2 * Simple function rename: make_unbound_method -> make_unbound_instance_method. 13 years ago
wirawan 94c1651586 * wpylib.py.im_weakref: weakref for instance method. 13 years ago
wirawan ceb8f35ec3 * Creating wpylib.py module to contain all python-level hacks. 13 years ago