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Wirawan Purwanto 93a89d2606 * Created array indexer for "upper diagonal" indexing mode. 13 years ago
Wirawan Purwanto 961a802326 * Keep a copy of my symmetric array indexer worksheet in GIT. 13 years ago
wirawan 7017fdc6af * Committing all dirty work to CVS. We are migrating to GIT. 13 years ago
wirawan 47f6bced79 * wpylib.math.linalg: Added initial module for linear-algebra convenience 13 years ago
wirawan f42f2d82fa * __imul__ and __idiv__ should return the lvalue object itself. 13 years ago
wirawan f1dee72d09 * Reset fitting debug level to 0. 13 years ago
wirawan 6181d5588d * The sign of the scalar prefactor should not enter the uncertainty 13 years ago
wirawan dbd36e0f1f * Added division of errorbar by a scalar. 14 years ago
wirawan bceef1e601 * Adding more methods for fitting: fmin (simplex minimization). 14 years ago
wirawan c0f67e9992 * Ignore compiled modules. 14 years ago
wirawan 428b481b87 * Added initial support for errorbar object, which includes 14 years ago
wirawan 9eb177bc27 * Adding wpylib.math.stats submodule which contains commonly used statistical 14 years ago
wirawan 02776c1e6a * Moving pyqmc.stats.avg to wpylib.math.stats.avg . 14 years ago
wirawan 379e83fdec * Added epsilon() function to find out the granuality of a given floating 14 years ago
wirawan 75d4c2240c * Function ztol: for zeroing out array elements below certain tolerance. 14 years ago
wirawan adbe499db8 * Fitting seemed to work, but still not perfectly. Do not use in production 14 years ago
wirawan 733c518735 * Added: density refitter onto a different FFT grid and/or supercell size 14 years ago
wirawan 9de91dcc59 * Don't save python compiled modules. 15 years ago
wirawan 605bfb16a2 * Simplified spline interpolation tools for 2-D curves (single curve or 15 years ago
wirawan 9e62d32873 * Draft of simple nonlinear fitting module for my use. Still not finished yet. 15 years ago
wirawan 86c7558758 * Subdomain "wpylib.math" contains my frequently used mathematical tools. 15 years ago