* Added function str_indent for completeness.

Wirawan Purwanto 10 years ago
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commit 8da8937009
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@ -57,9 +57,23 @@ def matrix_str(M, fmt="%22.15g", prefix="", suffix=""):
return prefix + linesep.join([ " ".join([ fmt % c for c in R ]) for R in M ]) + suffix
def str_indent(text, indent=" "*4):
"""Indents a text block by a given prefix.
If the indent is a number 'N', a string of N white spaces are taken as
the prefix.
In python 3, textwrap.indent can accomplish the same thing."""
if not isinstance(indent, basestring):
# Assume this is a numeric:
indent = " " * indent
return indent + ('\n'+indent).join(x for x in str(text).splitlines())
def str_unindent(S, amount=None):
"""Automatically unidents a string based on the first indentation found
on a nonempty string line. Assuming UNIX LF end-of-line."""
on a nonempty string line. Assuming UNIX LF end-of-line.
Note: textwrap.dedent accomplishes a similar function (but the amount of
white spaces to remove is automatically detected)."""
if amount == None:
nindent = -1 # autodetect, default