Quick-and-dirty knowledge base for ODU RCS.
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ODU RCS Knowledge Base Workspace

This git-based KB is to complement RC2 OneNote document and our HPC wiki as a quick-and-dirty, programmer-friendly, collaborative space for storing knowledge, pointers, etc. to non-sensitive information about research computing in general. The target audience of this KB is our own staff (primarily) and the students who are working with us.

Documents in this space is meant to be rather quick and dirty, allowing us to capture information & knowledge and somewhat organize them, without being bogged down with tedious polishing. Once a certain bit of topic has crystallized and matured, we can edit and polish the KB article to become a wiki article or Q&A.

NOTE: WP started this KB as a personal project in 2019, but would like to invite all other RCS staff to work together to create a library of our collective knowledge.


  • This KB is intended to store public and internal knowledge base that is NOT confidential.
  • Do not store sensitive information on this KB at all!