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for the various Python containers available on ODU HPC systems.
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Python Containers on ODU HPC
This article contains the list of Python containers available on ODU HPC platform for all HPC users.
> The background for the containerized Python can be found on the main documentation page for [Python on HPC Environment](/Software/Python). If
Python containers with TensorFlow and PyTorch
Since TensorFlow and PyTorch have become wildly popular with the adoption of AI/ML into many scientific disciplines, RCS provides a handful of TensorFlow and PyTorch containers for general uses.
Looking for containers with newer Python?
We have a few modules that contain newer versions of Python:
| Module name | Current Python version |
| `python3/2023.2-py39` | Intel Python 3.9.16 |
| `python3/2023.2-py310` | Intel Python 3.10.11 |