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Lessons and Tutorials for Containers in HPC (and Cloud)
"Containers on HPC and Cloud with Singularity"
1. Introduction to containers
2. Basics of Singularity
3. Share files with the host: BLAST, a bioinformatics demo
4. Build and share your own container image
5. Inside a build definition file
6. Building images with Docker
7. GUI enabled web applications: RStudio in a container
8. Making Python not awful with containers
9. Computational Fluid Dynamics with MPI containers
10. Set up writable containers: another bio example with Trinity
11. Molecular dynamics with GPU containers
12. Reproducible scientific workflows
13. GUI applications using X11 windows: the Gnuplot example
14. Streamline the user experience: bash wrappers and modules
15. Setup Singularity on your machine
16. Overview of Docker
17. Run multi-component web services with Docker Compose
18. Other notable container tools