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Google Drive & RClone: Setting Up CLI Access to Google Drive Data
> This is the original draft (Nov 17, 2022).
> The published version is here:
> https://wiki.hpc.odu.edu/en/DataMgmt/cloud/grive-rclone-setup
Google Drive is a popular cloud storage platform to backup and share files. This article provides a step-by-step guidance to enable access and transfer data from your Drive to/from ODU HPC via rclone command-line program. By using rclone, you will be able to automate data transfer and synchronization between the Drive and the cluster storage.
> This article assumes that you have installed rclone (or rclone is available) on your system. Refer to [rclone downloads page](https://rclone.org/downloads/) if you need to download and install rclone.