* Added deployment notes for CFL3D.

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@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Installation on ODU Cluster
Usage Instruction
(Initially written for Dr. Adem Ibrahim)
(Initially written for Dr. Adem Ibrahim, 2023-05-31)
Dr. Ibrahim,
@ -103,4 +103,33 @@ Files will be unpacked to a subfolder called `Flatplate`,
and this folder is also where the calculation is taking place.
The main output file will go to a file named `cfl3d.out`.
# FIXME: Run in parallel. Still has issue on Wahab.
> FIXME: Run in parallel. Still has issue on Wahab.
### Update 2023-06-02
A few notes:
1. The CFL3D software can only run on Wahab as the hardware was new enough
for the instruction sets used in the code.
Please do not run this on Turing as it will quit with an error message.
2. With version 6, there is no more need to recompile CFL3D
every time you want to run with a different physical system (model).
The code now allocates arrays dynamically, so `precfl3d` is not needed anymore.
3. I included the source code in <<#TODO>> directory in case you want to play
around and modify the source code.
4. The code was built to NOT read from stdin. Please do not run in this way:
crun.intel ~/CFL3D/bin/cfl3d_seq < MY_INPUT.inp ### WON'T WORK
Instead, run it in two steps:
cp MY_INPUT.inp cfl3d.inp
crun.intel ~/CFL3D/bin/cfl3d_seq