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CFL3D Installation Notes - ODU Wahab Cluster
About the CFL3D Software
* Software home page: https://software.nasa.gov/software/LAR-16003-1
* Git repo: https://github.com/nasa/CFL3D
* Documentation: https://nasa.github.io/CFL3D/
Installation on ODU Cluster
* Base container: intel/2023.0 (ICC + Intel MPI)
* Following build instruction: https://nasa.github.io/CFL3D/Cfl3dv6/cfl3dv6_build.html#make
* Configuration: (This is called "Installation" stage in their lingo.)
From the `build` subfolder, issue: `./Install -noredirect -linux_compiler_flags=Intel`
* Build:
- `make cfl3d_seq`
- `make cfl3d_mpi`
- ... and so on. see the help doc issued by `make` with no target.
Usage Instruction
(Initially written for Dr. Adem Ibrahim)
Dr. Ibrahim,
Below is an instruction to run CFL3D on our cluster:
The software is currently installed in your home directory at the following path:
**Prerequisites for running CFL3D**
This software was built on top of the "intel/2023.0" container,
so the first thing you must do is to invoke the following commands on the shell:
module load container_env intel/2023.0
For serial runs, the main input file MUST be named to `cfl3d.inp`.
Assuming that this input file has existed in the current directory,
you will run the *serial* CFL3D software in this way:
crun.intel ~/CFL3D/bin/cfl3d_seq
There is an MPI (parallel) version of CFL3D, called `cfl3d_mpi`
that has been installed into the the same folder.
This is an example of SLURM job script to run CFL3D in serial (sequential) mode:
#SBATCH --job-name cfl3d
#SBATCH --ntasks 1
module load container_env intel/2023.0
crun.intel ~/CFL3D/bin/cfl3d_seq
CFL3D has a lot of sample calculations located here:
### Demo: Flat Plate Steady Flow
Source: https://nasa.github.io/CFL3D/Cfl3dv6/cfl3dv6_testcases.html#flatplate
Here are the commands I invoked:
module load container_env intel/2023.0
mkdir -p ~/LIONS/Cfl3dv6/examples
cd ~/LIONS/Cfl3dv6/examples
# download and unpack the input files
wget https://nasa.github.io/CFL3D/Cfl3dv6/2DTestcases/Flatplate/Flatplate.tar.Z
tar xvf Flatplate.tar.Z
cd Flatplate/
# split the input files and generate the unformatted grid file,
# which is grdflat5.bin
crun.intel ~/CFL3D/bin/splitter < split.inp_1blk
# copy the main input file as "cfl3d.inp" before running:
cp grdflat5.inp cfl3d.inp
srun crun.intel ~/CLF3D/bin/cfl3d_seq
Files will be unpacked to a subfolder called `Flatplate`,
and this folder is also where the calculation is taking place.
The main output file will go to a file named `cfl3d.out`.
# FIXME: Run in parallel. Still has issue on Wahab.