* Added notes concerning OLCF Frontier (first exascale machine).

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The Frontier 1.5EF Supercomputer (OLCF)
Frontier Spec Sheet
> "The Frontier system will be composed of more than 100 Cray Shasta
cabinets with high density compute blades powered by HPC and
AI-optimized AMD EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct GPU accelerators
purpose-built for the needs of exascale computing. The new
accelerator-centric compute blades will support a 4:1 GPU to CPU ratio
with high speed AMD Infinity Fabric links and coherent memory between
them within the node. Each node will have one Slingshot interconnect
network port for every GPU with streamlined communication between the
GPUs and network to enable optimal performance for high-performance
computing and AI workloads at exascale."