* Cloud: Recorded the creation of ODU-specific oauth2 client ID

for rclone->gdrive access.
Wirawan Purwanto 2 years ago
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Creating ODU's own google drive rclone client ID
> This is an internal ITS notes.
* Date: 2022-11-16
* Executor: Wirawan Purwanto
Log of action for creating new client_id
(Links below assumed that user ID 1 is the ODU user ID)
Starting point:
* Select a project => a popup dialog box
- Select from: [ODU.EDU]
- Created a new project named "ODU-RCS-rclone"
* Enable API & Services
- Enable "Google Drive API"
* Go to "Credentials" tab (on left sidebar)
- Click the "Configure Consent Screen" button
- Select "Internal" user type
* App information (for the consent screen)
- App name: rclone for ODU research computing
- User support email: wpurwant@odu.edu
- App logo: ODU-logo-120px.png
App domain:
- Application home page: https://odu.edu/hpc
- Application privacy policy link: (blank)
- Application terms of service link: (blank)
Authorized domains:
- odu.edu
Developer contact into:
- Email: wpurwant@odu.edu
* (next page) Scopes
Added the following access:
Google Drive API .../auth/drive See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.appdata See, create, and delete its own configuration data in your Google Drive
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.file See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.metadata View and manage metadata of files in your Google Drive
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.metadata.readonly See information about your Google Drive files
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.photos.readonly View the photos, videos and albums in your Google Photos
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.readonly See and download all your Google Drive files
Google Drive API .../auth/drive.activity View and add to the activity record of files in your Google Drive
All of the scopes above are sensitive except: drive.appdata and drive.file .
* Go back to the "Credentials" tab
* Now press "Create Credentials"
- Choose type: OAuth Client ID
- Application type: Desktop App
- Name: rclone client for ODU research computing
Obtained the following ID:
- Your Client ID: 605919805393-odnfmddo2v24ffodmg80j6ht4oi4kftn.apps.googleusercontent.com
- Your Client Secret: GOCSPX-###REDACTED###