Quick-and-dirty knowledge base for ODU RCS.
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ODU RCS Knowledge Base Workspace
This git-based KB is to complement
[RC2 OneNote document](https://olddominion.sharepoint.com/sites/ITS-ResearchComputingServices/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc={5f64d691-e49a-473a-98b3-de555a713f35}&action=view)
and our
[HPC wiki](https://wiki.hpc.odu.edu/)
as a quick-and-dirty, programmer-friendly, collaborative space for
storing knowledge, pointers, etc. to non-sensitive information
about research computing in general.
Once certain bit of topic has crystallized and matured,
we can edit and polish the KB article to become a wiki
or Q&A.
WP started this KB as a personal project in 2019, but would like to invite all
other RCS staff to work together to create a library of our collective