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Pointers on Getting Started with R
Originally sent to Ziniya Zahedi @ Dragas Center
R tutorials
This is perhaps a nice starting point to learn R:
There is a longer and more comprehensive intro to R, which you
probably want to treat as a "reference":
Browse the TOC and become familiar with it; then when you need to do
certain thing, you'll know where to look for help. (Don't worry:
you'll not need everything in this document.)
The Carpentries has some lessons on R which you could try--but these
are meant for in-person workshops, so they are best followed
step-by-step (and you should try it on your R environment to see what
the effect of each command is):
* Programming with R: http://swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-inflammation/
* Data analysis with R: http://www.datacarpentry.org/R-ecology-lesson/
These lessons use RStudio, which you have, so you're good. The first
set of lessons may be the best bang for your time. The second set is
more advanced, but it could be useful when you are on the next stage
of the development.